About us



 Daniel Avalos CEO & FOUNDER of TWO2GUYS has experience and knowledge in the beauty industry as a makeup artist and skin care specialist.

 Mr. Avalos noticed that every person brings a unique story. It was those stories that inspired him to create an exclusive and cohesive line of products with natural ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils, free of paraben,sulfate, gluten,GMO. Products that are environmental friendly for a more conscientious consumer.

 It is a body care line created for all that believe in a celebration of Love by sharing memorable moments in our lives.

When you use one of our many products, you are creating a completely unique personal experience that will last longer and help you make your life brighter and unveils your highest potential.

 From colorful glossy recycled boxes, black ribbons, simple but yet sophisticated packaging, Two2Guys is more than a body care products is "Messenger of Love"

 Two2Guys has been featured in "Events Magazine" and Skin Inc and beauty shows like IBS New York, IBS Las Vegas, Premiere Show, and Gabriel Productions